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Children's Vision

Many vision problems begin at an early age in childhood, so it’s crucial that children receive proper eye care from the time they are infants. Early detection and treatment are essential to prevent conditions that could potentially cause future problems or vision loss. Good vision is critical to a child’s early education, function, and social development.

At Clark Family Eyecare it's easy to have your child’s eyes tested, it is non intrusive and can be actually be quite fun for the child. We recommend the ideal time to bring them for their first eye test is at pre-school age, although it can also be done with younger children, especially if you have concerns for their eyes.

As the eyes continue to develop during childhood, regular check-ups are advised.

Eye examination costs at Clark Family Eyecare are covered by the NHS for children under the age of 16 or up to 19 if they are in full time education, and NHS vouchers issued after the eye examination will help towards any costs for new glasses. We also stock a range of frames that can be covered fully by the NHS voucher. 

If you feel your child could benefit from our trusted advice, just make an appointment or visit us in store. We strive to make our practices a safe and enjoyable experience for children.

Retinal Imaging for Children

Here at Clark Family Eyecare children's eye health is just as important their visual development, that's why from January 2018 we will be offering all children aged 7-18 years of age (those over 16 must be in full time education and eligible for an NHS examination) FREE retinal imaging. 

This technology enables an image to be taken of the retina, the inside of back of the eye. By documenting this area in images we are able to continually monitor your child's eye health more efficiently.


Sunglasses for Children

Have you heard the rhyme:



What about sliding on some sunglasses too? Many parents understand the importance of protection for the skin but fail to realise that the same protection is needed for the eyes. 


A child is exposed to up to 80% of their lifetime UV exposure by the age of 18 so protecting from UV is incredibly important.


When buying sunglasses for children you should consider the level of protection they offer. Look for sunglasses that offer at least UVA and UVB protection. The darker the lens does not necessarily mean they offer more protection.  A polarised lens can allow the right types of light through the lens to ensure that your child vision remains comfortable and fully protected. We have a range children's tinted and polarised sunglasses in practice, where will make sure they are fitting correctly. 

Did you know that children can wear contact lenses too?

There is no fixed age for children to start wearing lenses, but a few factors to consider are:

Getting used to contact lenses can take a little while. Your child needs to be motivated to learn how to put the lenses in and out: they need to be able to do this themselves. They also need a certain amount of discipline: it’s important not to wear the lenses for too many hours, so think about whether your child can do this. There is also a routine to learn for keeping the lenses clean and hygienic.




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