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Independent Audiology on your doorstep

Hearing tests are as essential as eye examinations and can be useful to pick up any loss of hearing and find an appropriate aid for you.

Typical indicators that you might need a hearing assessment include:

  • People appear to mumble 

  • Asking people to repeat themselves.

  • The television is louder for you compared to others.

  • Misunderstanding conversation, saying Yes when it should be No.

  • You hear people talking but can’t always make out what they are saying. 

  • You find it harder to hear in background noise, such as a car, restaurant, family gathering etc.

  • You start to watch peoples lips more closely to understand what they are saying.

  • You struggle to hear soft speech or someone talking from another room.

  • Problems hearing clearly on the phone.

  • You start to limit or avoid social activities.

Hearing tests at Clark Family Eyecare are provided by Sound Advice Hearing of Lincoln. An independent family ran hearing company with over 120 years experience and share the same values as our staff. 

Lasting approximately 45 minutes our FREE independent hearing tests include impartial advice. If it is found that you would benefit from hearing aids then at Clark Family Eyecare we offer a no obligation, try before you buy experience.


Home visits are available and can be booked through ourselves or by calling Sound Advice Hearing at Lincoln and mentioning our name.

For more information about hearing assessments at Clark Family Eyecare OR if you would like to make an appointment please feel free to call a member of our team on 01775 821888.

More information about Soundadvise Hearing can be found on their website.