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Spectacle Lenses

What is MiYoSMART?

MiYOSMART is an innovative spectacle lens for myopia management in children and teenagers.


This spectacle lenses enable clear vision in the same way as a conventional spectacle lens, but with a peripheral treatment zone called D.I.M.S. (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) Technology.


The treatment zone consists of hundreds of small segments which provide an additional correction which helps to slow the progression of myopia. 

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MiYoSMART lenses are designed with children in mind.

They are made of a strong and reliable polycarbonate material giving impact resistance.

The lenses are thin and light weight making them comfortable to wear when paired with the right frame, 


They provide all year round UV protection for the eyes (when worn all the time).

The lenses have a durable easy to clean multi layer anti reflection coating, giving better clarity.

A child-friendly, safe and effective non-invasive method.

During the 2 year clinical trial no adverse event was reported that would have led to discontinuation of the treatment.

The lens is a very effective method to manage myopia and can be fitted to a child at any age like regular single vision lens.

Appreciated by parents

MiYOSMART has data-driven proof of its effectiveness, with more than 500K patients/wearers.

Parents are happy with the value for money.

They appreciated the Eye Care Professional 6 month protocol and follow-up actions.

What does it cost?


Myopia Management is a relatively new treatment which is not funded by the NHS. 

MiYoSMART Lenses cost £360 plus the cost of the frame.


Alternatively you can pay a monthly fee of £30 by direct debit (frame costs payable up front), this a 12 month plan covering the cost of all appointments, the lens cost and enables you to purchase additional/replacement pairs with 50% off lens prices.  


Want to try Contact Lens?

Myopia Management contact lenses work great in conjunction with MiYoSMART spectacle lenses. They can be worn for sport , special occasions and for school.