Our eyes are made of many different structures, all doing different things to give us our vision. One of these structures is the clear lens placed just behind our pupils. When this lens starts to become cloudy or misty - we call it a cataract. Cataracts can affect anyone, but it is more likely to occur in older generations. Whilst the exact cause is unknown, there are a number of factors which may contribute to the development of the condition. These include: family history, smoking, obesity and a lack of vitamins and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Certain health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and high myopia, could also contribute. Early stages of cataract don't always affect your sight but as the condition progresses you may notice that you need your prescription changing, as your vision feels less clear and distinct. Other signs of cataracts include, car lights becoming more dazzling and colours looking different by becoming faded or yellowed.

Although cataracts affect our vision they can be treated easily, this normally involves a short surgical procedure to remove the cloudy lens, replacing it with a specially designed lens made of a highly pliable, comfortable material. Regular eye examinations are used to identify whether you have cataracts and the condition will be monitored by your optometrist. If you feel that you may have cataracts and do not have regular eye examinations, you may wish to book an appointment.

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