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Bringing your face to the front.

Glasses are becoming an increasingly popular accessory. Many of the children visiting us recently are disappointed when we find their eyes perfectly healthy with no visual defects.

So when you are tasked with wearing spectacles to correct your vision why is it so hard to find the right frame? and what do many people get wrong when choosing new spectacles?

Annica, our very own Eyewear Styling Consultant and Dispensing Optician reveals all in the next few simple steps. Annica has 10 years dispensing experience and qualified as a Dispensing Optician in 2015, her creativity and artistic talents means she has a natural eye for style. Recognising that many opticians don’t offer eyewear styling Annica proceeded to complete an Eyewear Styling Consultation course in March 2019.

Style Personality:

Your style personality plays a big part in choosing new eyewear, with many of us having split styles from work to home. When choosing clothing do you like to make a statement or do you prefer to stay more low key? Maybe at work you prefer to be more bold and classic with a sharp suit but at home you prefer jeans and t-shirt? ”Such questions reveal a lot about a persons style personality and can be key in defining how a person wears their spectacles” says Annica.


Everyone's colouring is slightly different and when choosing frames you need to consider your skin tone, hair colour (and whether or not you change your hair colour regularly) and you eye colour. If you are fair haired, have fair skin and light eyes a black frame will look incredibly strong against your face and should ideally avoid black all together, lighter spring/summery Colours would look fab and compliment the lightness in your eyes.

Facial Characteristics:

For years choosing a frame around your face shape has leaned towards whether your face is square, round, oval etc... but the shape of your face is not the be all and end all. It is imperative to take in to account the widest part of your face and your brow line when picking the pair(s) that will make you look and feel fabulous.

Here's How:

So here’s an example of what Annica looks for during a consultation. Laura our Dispensing Advisor has been trying on the latest arrivals and found three amazing frames that fit her perfectly but, two out of the three frames didn’t match her styling consultation. Can you guess which ones they were?

Laura, Red shoulder length curly hair modeling three different styles of spectacles

We will start with the picture on the bottom right...

Look how the shape of the frame is very square, accentuating the length in her face and her angular jaw and hair line.

The brow of the frame runs against the natural arch of Laura's brow and the translucent pink reflects of her naturally blush cheeks.

Frame two is a great shape. Following the brow line and fitting like a glove on the bridge of her nose but the colour of the frame would be better paired with softer tones. The colour of this frame looks washed away by Laura’s clear contrasting tone.

Laura’s personality is natural/chic meaning she likes a natural look with a touch of elegance.

Frame three. The perfect frame for Laura.

The colour although a deep purple (the frame appears black in the picture) has a beautiful elegant accent of silver across the brow creating a powerful contrast to match not only her colouring but her chic style. The brow of the frame follows the natural curve of her brow line immaculately whilst the light accents work to bring the lightness back to her eyes.

Look at her face shape. We can still see the angular structure of her jaw but the over all affect gives Laura’s face a more even oval appearance.

If you would like fun, free (worth £50) expert styling advice when you choose your eyewear why not get in touch with us either by phone or sending us message. Whilst we recommend an eye examination in the same place as choosing your eyewear, it is not a necessity and you are free to bring a valid prescription from another optician.

Clark Family Eyecare 20 Market Place, Donington, Spalding, Lincs PE11 4ST

01775 821888

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