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Whether you are looking at alternatives to wearing spectacles all day or wanting freedom when playing sports, contact lenses offer an incredible alternative. If you have been thinking about trying contact lenses then you are in safe hands with then Optometrists at Clark Family Eyecare. We have all the advice, care and guidance to get you started. 

During your initial assessment we will discuss the best contact lens options for your eyes and your lifestyle. This may be dailies, for convenience, toric lenses for those of you with astigmatism or monthly lenses as a more cost effective option. Its a consultation that takes time, we need to ensure you have the right fit for comfort and the best vision. The contact lens trail enables you to give the contact lenses ago in your day-to-day life. A follow up appointment is necessary to assess the continuing health of the eyes during and after contact lens wear as well as being the a great opportunity to discuss your achievements and concerns following your trial. In some cases you may need to test drive a couple of different lens types to find your perfect match.


After your assessment trained staff at Clark Eyecare will teach you everything you need to know about insertion, removal and aftercare techniques to best look after your eyes and your new lenses. Once we are happy that you can competently insert and remove contact lenses safely you will be able to take home a FREE trail.  

Why choose Clark Family Eyecare?

Contact lenses are a medical device for vision correction, not all contact lenses are the same and can vary from design, material and how they fit so it's extremely important to discover the best lens for you and your eyes. At Clark Family Eyecare our contact lens fitting appointments are tailored just for you. 

Choosing only to supply quality lenses from reputable suppliers you can be sure that we are putting your comfort and eye health first.

What are the costs of contact lenses?

Everybody is different which is why our initial fitting charge covers you for all contact lens fitting appointments including contact lens teaching sessions.  

The cost of lenses, if you choose to continue vary depending on the type of lens you will require. You can choose to pay monthly and join our contact lens plan, which includes additional benefits and all aftercare fees or pay as you go and buy them as you require them. 

Many young people benefit from wearing contact lenses, this could be because they don't like the appearance of spectacles, they may play and active sport and find their glasses and inconvenience. Mum and Dad might even be wearing lenses.


Whatever the reason for your young person to try contact lenses you can be sure to get the help and support at Clark Family Eyecare. As contact lenses are worn close to the eye it is important to bear in mind the high level of care involved to ensure they are kept cleans and safe for wear. Any person under the age of 16 will need the dedication of their parents to ensure this high level of care is achieved.

Contact Lenses for young people.




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